With more than 25 years of worldwide experience in the dry cargo sector, our team strives to serve
you with our in-depth knowledge of ships and cargoes, especially

  • Breakbulk:
    Steel products: pipes, rails, steel coils, plates, beams, wire rods, billets, slabs, blooms, lighting poles, merchant bars.
    Bagged cargoes: sugar, wheat, cocoa, potatoes, cement….
    Conventional cargoes: Everything that does not fit in containers: cases, crates.

  • Bulk cargoes: grain, wheat, scrap, forest products, fertilizers, …

  • Project, Heavy lift, Oversized Cargoes (Transformers, Oil & Gas, Railway & Mining equipment, Construction & Civil Works material…), ships & yachts, railcars, locomotives, engines

  • Roro/Rolo cargoes







Dry cargo brokerage with added value

Shipping industry is a volatile business, in a continuously fast changing world.
Our aim is to provide our principals a brokerage service with added value.

  • A continuous follow up of seaborne related issues, enabling us to inform our principals of situations which may affect their business immediately, on the medium or long term.
  • Analysis of vessels compatibility with cargoes & ports.
  • Providing chartering solutions from spot fixing, single combined or multi-port voyage charters, long term contracts (COA) trip, time and period charters.
  • Creating tailor made charter parties addressing your trade and concerns.
  • Post fixture analysis.
  • Use of dedicated chartering software and reliable communication technology.
  • Access to wide number of vessel owners and operators worldwide.

From full cargoes through part cargoes and parcel-liner bookings, from coastal to panamax, from gearless to MPV and Heavy lift, our commitment is to obtain for our customers the best terms for their fixture: fix the right ship at the right time and competitive conditions


As trusted partner, Cargo Chartering Belgium has developed a longstanding relationship and excellent reputation with its principals and contractors: manufacturers, traders, forwarders, brokers, operators and shipowners, stevedores….

As a result, and at the demand of some principals, our area of business has expanded to customized chartering:

Totally oriented to satisfy customers requirements, we charter vessels ensuring timely shipment in accordance with their letter of credit requirements- on their behalf or as contract carrier.

We also offer as an additional service stowage planning, labour ordering, loading, lashing and securing supervision on vessels chartered by our services, thus optimising port stay, cargo quality care and transit performance of your cargo to destination where we organize & supervise the discharging if required.

Just tell us your needs